Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Farm flex and other top headlines for Jan. 28

Heard from one lobbyist that Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., is trying to revive the farm flex legislation that would give program crop growers more opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables. So soon after the farm bill?

Here are other headlines snatched from the Web:

Two food managers plead guilty in federal tomato industry investigation of SK Foods
From the Monterey County Herald

Watson, a former senior purchasing manager for Kraft Foods Inc., pleaded guilty to two counts of mail fraud in connection with a kickback scheme that involved accepting $158,000 in bribes from a former SK Foods broker.

Manuel pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud and a false tax return in connection with embezzling $975,000 from Morning Star Packing Co. before going to work for SK Foods in 2005. Federal officials said he was terminated from SK Foods on Monday.

The company has said it is cooperating in the investigation, which came to light in April 2008 when its Ryan Ranch headquarters was searched by investigators.

How sweet to be a maroon carrot

"BetaSweet" carrots have more beta-carotene, texture and crunch than a regular carrot. So what's the difference between a regular carrot and a BetaSweet? BetaSweet carrots have a Texas A&M maroon tint, as opposed to the traditional orange color. The purplish color comes from the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is found in blueberries and could be effective in preventing cancer cells.

UK chain bans pesticides that could harm bees

The use of pesticides have been blamed for the collapse and yesterday the Co-operative announced it was banning any foods grown using the chemicals from their own range of fresh products.

The retailer also said it was donating £150,000 for research into why honeybee numbers are falling, and would be trialling a wild flower mix to be planted alongside crops on its farms to support bees.

Members of the Co-operative will be invited to special screenings of a film on bee declines and have access to 20,000 packets of free wild flower seed mix, while bee boxes will be available at a discount.

Co-operative Farms – the UK's biggest farmer with 25,000 hectares – will also invite beekeepers to establish hives on its land as part of a 10-point "Plan Bee."

Stimulus money with E-verify would hurt, not help American workers

Peanut butter manufacturer found salmonella, shipped anyway You're kidding me...this is bad

Recession hits college campuses and endowments Off 25% in 2008

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