Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is local produce and headlines for Jan. 13

Above: Julie Fox of Ohio State University

One of the points made during one a session by Julie Fox of Ohio State at the OPGMA Congress related to the definition of local produce. The point Julie made was this: it doesn't matter what growers think what local food/local produce is, what matters is what their customers believe it to be and being in a position to deliver what the customer wants. That's a great point, and a pragmatic one, about meeting the needs of the marketplace. Leave the nuances to be defined by pundits and celebrity authors (my words).

When I mentioned during my talk that deflationary expectations seemed to have taken hold of the general economy, one grower wondered if consumers also will expect the deep discounts for produce they have seen at electronic stores and other retailers.

I think consumers are smarter than that, but still, there is no precise predicting how consumers will cut back in the lean months to come.

Aldi looks to U.S. for growth
WSJ- Can't miss coverage

For expansion in the U.S. and Britain, where it is also building new stores, Aldi tweaked its retail formula. New stores have higher ceilings and more windows to make the 17,000-square-feet outlets feel less cramped. It is adding more fresh produce, designed to lure middle-class shopper.

U.S. economy to shrink 1.9% downsized economy in 2009

China's exports drop sharply Exports dropped 2.8% in December - compared with a 21.7% a year earlier.

Safeway, union, differ on cutbacks

Aldi UK sales soar by 25%

USDA calls citrus crop to drop

Big crop, weak demand bring down crop prices U.S. commodity markets dip

Japan implements voluntary carbon footprint labeling scheme
USDA FAS report
The proposal calls for a label that bears a numerical rating based on an estimate of CO2 emissions created during the life of a product from procurement of raw materials through production, distribution, use, and eventual disposal.

Kroger to open Fresh Fare in Ohio
The remodeled store will feature a larger perishables section, more chef-prepared meals, a wine cellar and wine tasting area and a coffee shop.

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Anonymous said...

I attended a "local" producers session in cleveland ohio that included ontario canada growers. Call in regional, but not local. You don't go to your local hardware store or pizzaria 250 miles away.