Friday, April 22, 2011

California LGMA Introduces New Blog

California LGMA Introduces New Blog

Sacramento, CA – The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) announced today it will enter the “blogosphere” with a regular blog posting feature on its website that provides insights and information about on-farm leafy greens food safety.

“I am proud to be the first to post on the LGMA’s new blog,” said LGMA Chairman Jamie Strachan as part of the inaugural blog entry released by the LGMA last week.  “Our hope for this blog is that the LGMA becomes a valued source of information for farmers, industry members, buyers, government regulators and consumers of leafy greens.”

The blog can be accessed through the LGMA’s website at Interested users may sign up to receive notice of new postings via e-mal. The blog also allows users to submit comments and for the LGMA to respond with additional information. In the group’s first post, LGMA Chairman Strachan encouraged people to “join the LGMA in this new dialog.”

“Over the course of the coming months, the LGMA blog will feature a range of topics concerning leafy greens safety from members, experts and friends,” continued Strachan.  “We hope you will join us in this new dialog.”  

To date, the LGMA has issued two blog postings including the initial one from Strachan and a second post authored by LGMA Chief Executive Officer Scott Horsfall who addresses the issue of the new federal food safety legislation’s impact on the leafy greens industry.   The LGMA expects to post at least twice a month.

LGMA blog posts can be accessed from the home page of the LGMA website, or go directly to blog section at

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