Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Large EU project to head up global fight against infectious diseases

Author, speaker and radio host Michael Olson will broadcast the 1,000th edition of his nationally-syndicated Food Chain Radio show, Saturday, January 31.  The millennial edition will feature the economic viability of metropolitan (urban) agriculture.

Every Saturday from 9am to 10am Pacific, the Food Chain, awarded Ag / News Show-of-the-Year by the California Legislature, brings the issues of food and agriculture to the table for one hour of What’s-Eating-What radio with topical questions, expert guests and call-ins from listeners around the country.

Food Chain broadcasts originate in the studios of AM 1080 KSCO Santa Cruz, with occasional remote broadcasts from locations around the U.S. and throughout world, including Cyprus, Egypt, England, Peru and Scotland.

Listeners may also tune in to the live stream – and over 500 editions of archived shows – via the Food Chain page at www.metrofarm.com.

Michael Olson, an English / Chinese Literature graduate from UC Santa Cruz, received much of his training in broadcast journalism while a story producer for NBC Magazine with David Brinkley.  For the 1000th edition of the Food Chain, Olson will switch roles and become the show’s guest to defend the assertion made by his PMA Book-of-the-Year award winning MetroFarm:  One can earn a substantial living – up to eight times the average yearly income – by farming a small parcel of land in or near the city.

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