Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to Take a Good Picture of Food

Food photography is hard, but so many people are doing it... or trying to anyway

When was the last time you signed onto social media and saw a picture of what a friend or celebrity was eating? Probably today. And no, filters don't make it look that much better. Pictures of food can look just as delicious as the main course itself... if you follow simple tips to showcase what you are about to eat, or already eating in some cases.
Florida resident Chef Apple (IAmChefApple.com) attended culinary school in Paris, worked in and owned upscale restaurants, has written cookbooks and whipped up many delicious meals in the kitchens of stars like best selling author Tom Clancy, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, Illusionist David Copperfield and late actor and comedian Robin Williams. Now, she wants to help all of those "food photographers" learn a thing or two. Here are her five simple to steps to making your grub look good.
1.) Let the food cool before snapping the pic. If it's hot, you can't spray it with olive oil to make it glisten.
2.) Use natural light. A flash will ruin the picture. If you can't get near a window or door, turn on the lights and make sure there are no shadows near the plate.
3.) Think of the entire image. What's in the background? Throw in some unique, colorful plates and bowls or towels.
4.) Try a few different angles. Shot the bowl from the top, then from the side, but at an angle. It's also cool to see the food half eaten with some crumbs on the plate.
5.) Throw in a garnish or some drizzle to show that it doesn't only taste good, but looks good too.

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