Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ launches in Australia

To launch the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ campaign last week The Wiggles lost their ‘Brightness illustrating how dull and lethargic you can feel when you DON’T eat enough fruit and vegetables. The  Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ campaign sees the Australian fresh produce industry joining forces with Nutrition Australia and The Wiggles over National Nutrition Week (11 – 17 October).
“Only 5% of Australians are eating enough fruit and vegetables,” said Lucinda Hancock, CEO of Nutrition Australia VIC Division.  “Fruits and vegetables help keep our minds and bodies healthy day-to-day, and reduce our risk of chronic disease in the future.”  
Encouraging Australians to eat more healthy fresh produce is something The Wiggles feel strongly about and, by draining their trademark bright colours, showcased their endorsement for ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’
“We want Australians to feel bright, like us, every day and they can do that by adding more healthy fresh fruit and vegetables to their diet,” said Blue Wiggle Anthony Field.
‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ is here to inspire Australians to pick the right fresh foods so as to enjoy a brighter future.  The Wiggles are delighted to be working with the Australian fresh produce industry which has come together behind the Produce Marketing Association A-NZ (PMA A-NZ) and Nutrition Australia to promote the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ campaign. 
“We need a powerful platform to ensure Australians understand the importance of eating more fresh produce,” said Renee Harrison, Marketing Manager of PMA A-NZ.  “Most Australians are not eating the recommended 2 and 5 serves of fruit and vegetables every day which is leading to an epidemic in obesity and serious health conditions.  Something has to be done and we were thrilled to have The Wiggles involved to help us amplify the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ message,” said Ms Harrison
The Wiggles endorsement will not only help 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ connect directly with children, parents, grandparents and carers but, as an iconic Australian brand, The Wiggles will help the campaign’s message connect with all Australians by bringing strength and weight to what the fresh produce industry is trying to achieve. 
“We want everyone to start increasing their fruit and vegetable intake over National Nutrition Week,” said Ms Harrison.  The ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ website is a great hub of information, tools and resources to help Australians get more fresh produce into their daily routine.  You can also follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily ‘nutri-tips’ and fresh ideas to get you going.

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