Sunday, July 10, 2016

DeLauro Calls on Congress to Reject a Lame Duck Vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Democratic Party platform rejects trade deals that do not meet a high standard

WASHINGTON, DC — Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) today released the following statement regarding news that the Democratic Party platform includes progressive language on trade agreements, underscoring the need for strong worker and environmental protections.

"It is crystal clear that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a deeply flawed agreement that must be completely renegotiated so that American workers and the environment are protected. Today, the Democratic Party made a strong statement in favor of trade agreements that work for everyone in the economy, and the Party Platform rejects deals that are negotiated in secret with special investor courts that privilege corporations over taxpayers.

"The Democratic Party's nominee Hilary Clinton has made her opposition to the agreement clear, that this bad agreement should not be considered by Congress, before or after the election. Today's news underscores that we must reject the TPP as it is drafted by not bringing the agreement up in the Lame Duck."

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