Saturday, March 25, 2017

Waffle day celebrated

To conduct the International Waffle Day Survey, the researchers at National Today []—America's favorite online destination to commemorate quirky and fun holidays—asked 1,000 Americans about their favorite breakfast foods. *** NATIONALTODAY.COM INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE DAY SURVEY ***(survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted on March 20, 2017) >> THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS LOVE MAPLE SYRUP ON THEIR WAFFLES 62% of Americans say that maple syrup is their favorite waffle topping. That's more than 6x the second-place winner—butter, which is the favorite waffle topping of just 10% of Americans. >> BUT GIVEN THE CHOICE, MOST AMERICANS WILL TAKE BUTTER, TOO Although most Americans would choose maple syrup over butter if they were forced to choose only one topping, 65% of Americans love butter on their waffles. The good news? Most of us don't have to choose—we can have both. >> RANKING OF THE TOP 10 WAFFLE TOPPINGS #1: Maple Syrup (62%) #2: Butter (10%) #3: Fresh Fruit (8%) #4: Peanut butter (4%) #5: Fruit sauce (4%) #6: Nutella (4%) #7: Chocolate syrup (3%) #8: Honey (2%) #9: Jelly/jam (2%) #10: Apple butter (2%) To learn more about International Waffle Day, you can visit []. While there, you can also read about other fun holidays, including National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day []and National Beer Day [].

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