Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas and top headlines

Here is hoping that all Fresh Talk readers who celebrated Christmas found reason to be joyful, whether it was in the quiet hush of a candle light service, or in the joyful noise of kitchen talk before Christmas dinner, or the heartfelt expressions of love and thanksgiving that always should be part of our gathering together as families. It was all of those things to me this year.

Here are some top headlines related to our world of produce and the world at large as we have been otherwise engaged:

A safer seasonal feast? From Natural News, words of caution about fruits and vegetables... you may not want to read if you have blood pressure issues

McDonald's in Japan pays 1,000 to stand in line
Golden Arches admits it paid crowd, apparently to to create buzz for release of quarter pounder burger..Tsk, tsk

Japan's recession and deflation worries At least Wii is doing well.....

Getting immigration right
NYT edit calls for change from Bush immigration policies

How to fix the California budget SF Chronicle columnists says consider this solution:
If we added back 19 cents in taxes for every gallon of gasoline, we'd raise $3.4 billion, and a gallon of gas would still cost less than $2.

Organic farmers and sustainability
Letters to the editor on UK Times Online. One offers: could it be that sustainability and profitability are related? Another says it is high time for biotech to be embraced rather than the moving the goalposts for organic....

Black women are shrinking fast food and obesity contribute, says researcher

Mortgage rates drop to historic lows

Fresh and Easy delays northern Calif. expansion
the economy and business model both to blame, say experts

Fast food joints as predictor of student health
Less healthy kids when their school is close to fast food restaurants

Has global stag deflation arrived?
Roubini's take: downside risks remains for equities, corporate bonds, commodities, housing and emerging market asset classes... but the Wii is safe.

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