Tuesday, December 23, 2008

India fresh fruit market - USDA FAS

Go here for a recent USDA FAS report on India's fresh fruit sector. From the report:

India is a net exporter of fresh fruits with exports primarily dominated by mangoes and grapes (See anexure V for more details). Bangladesh, Nepal, the Middle East and several EU countries are the major export destinations for Indian mangoes and grapes. Indian fresh fruit imports of 77,450 tons during IFY 2007-08 were just 0.12 percent of total fruit production in India. However, fresh fruit imports registered a significant 826 percent increase from IFY 2000-01 to IFY 2007/08. Unlike exports, more than 85 percent of total Indian fruit imports are dominated by temperate fruits. Imports of most fresh fruits in 2007- 08 have been trending upward (21 percent increase than the previous year) and the growing middle income population and expanding organized retail are expected to continue driving increased imports. However, during the current year (2008/09) the rupee has depreciated against the USD, raising the cost of imports. If the trend con nues further, the impact is expected to reduce total annual fresh fruit imports for the current year.

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