Friday, December 19, 2008

Dec. 19 - Top headlines

One of the harder to find pieces of data relating to U.S. supermarket sales is market share and changes to market share. ACNielson does not release those numbers, and I haven't been able to connect with IRI about my request.

Do any Fresh Talk readers have a link to any recent market share numbers for U.S. supermarkets? If so, email me at and I'll share them in this space as well.

Food banks gain as holiday revels trimmed companies give to food banks instead of clients, employees

Monterey Mushrooms helps combat national Vitamin D deficiency
Does the Vitamin D factor make mushrooms more of a staple?

The Sun Bella(TM) brand sun ripening process was developed through a collaborative research program with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) by exposing the mushrooms to ultra violet light, thus increasing the stable level of Vitamin D to a minimum of 100% of the level recommended by the FDA. Sun Bella(TM) brand mushroom's increase in Vitamin D does not include any additives, supplements, or chemicals and the vitamin D is stable--maintaining its nutritional value even after cooking or freezing. Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable that naturally contain Vitamin D--obtained through sun exposure the same way humans naturally receive the nutrient. Monterey's unique process is approved as organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers.

School take steps to give kids more fruits, vegetables

The program -- dubbed "Cool Caf" -- is being tested in 16 schools and resulted in up to a 50 percent increase in fruit and veggie consumption at several, says Cathy Schlosberg, vice president of marketing at Aramark.

"Not only are students eating more fruits and vegetables, but our staff is, too," says Andra Gwydir, principal at Wedgwood Elementary School in Florissant, Mo., which is testing it

Top food stories of 2008
rise in food prices #1, tainted milk #2, salmonella outbreak in tomatoes #3, locally grown #4, COOL #5, big food companies nutrient standards #6 and #7 jalapenos test positive for salmonella...
That ranking tells the tale; tomatoes take the brunt of salmonella outbreak, though jalapenos had the positive link.

Discount grocers win over shoppers Aldi has 1,000 stores by early 2009 and will add 75 more next year

Food banks report dramatic increase in demand 30 percent increase in request for emergency assistance

Auto makers to get $17.4 billion Ford says no thanks

Wal-Mart may try to open second Chicago store
First store in September 2006, but resistance for labor unions has stymied

Mexico joins U.S. beef row
dispute over COOL and impact on livestock sales to U.S. meatpackers

Economy impacting seafood consumption
70% of consumption occurs in restaurants, so sector is taking a hit; 2007 consumption was 1% lower than 2006, study says

Lempert's five trends for 2009
local food, downsized store formats among the five

Smart eating at the office from FreshDirect

Urban areas struggle to find grocers, fresh food
fast food is king in south LA

Global economy to contract in 2009

Senate leader Reid revives hope for immigration reform

Changing face of immigration
4 part series of Miami Herald is worth a look

Biochar offered as climated reduction tool

Central Chile shaken by quake
6.3, but no damage reported

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