Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Media reports Vilsack is Obama's choice for Ag Secretary: Harkin reacts

From the office of Sen. Tom Harkin, reaction to news that president-elect Obama will name Iowan Tom Vilsack as his nominee for Agriculture Secretary.

"I am extremely pleased by the news being reported that Tom Vilsack will be nominated as Secretary of Agriculture. I have known Tom Vilsack as a state legislator and as a governor. He knows production agriculture and he knows the changes we need to ensure its profitability and future, including for young and beginning farmers and ranchers. Tom Vilsack has the experience, dedication and forward-looking thinking critically needed to build a better future for all Americans in food, agriculture, conservation, and the economic vitality of rural communities. With these qualifications and his strong Iowa roots, I hope he is indeed nominated for this position."

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