Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan. 5 - Congressional expectations and other top headliines

We've had enough negative news without Congress being in session, but the infighting, the disputed seats and posturing is just getting started. Here are some other top headlines snatched from the Web.

Locally produced v. organic Best of both worlds is organic and local, says this green author

Engines of recovery flame out Private sector forces of inventory rebuilding, household spending, home construction and payroll growth may be largely missing during 2009, with experts saying government spending will have to fuel recovery

Burris won't rule out court to keep disputed seat political drama for Democrats

FDA top job soon to be vacant Dr. von Eschenbach, a cancer surgeon, plans to return to Texas as of Jan. 20.

Mexicans with U.S. relatives targeted by kidnappers
Prompts new exodus from Mexico as lawlessness increases

Fed officials say "pull out the stops" Big stimulus package endorsed

Oil shock shares blame for recession Housing downturn and oil both shoulder blame

Mandatory unit pricing for supermarkets in Australia Corner grocers exempt

Foreclosure crisis in Virginia

Wal-Mart workers in Canada organize

Acai berry juice fuels health craze

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