Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slow pay and trust rights and other top headlines for Jan. 15

Talking to a couple of industry lobbyists today, there appears to be some talk of a regulatory fix to what may be a court weakening of PACA trust rights. Basic issue, as I understand it at this point: does the extending of credit terms by a supplier weaken or remove that supplier's PACA trust rights? The USDA AMS may be able to clean up the issue with rulemaking that won't require a change in the statutory language.. Will follow up with WG, United, PMA, USDA and the "usual suspects" on this issue. The fruit and vegetable industry advisory committee may play a role in pursuing this with AMS.....

Meanwhile, here are some other headlines snatched from the Web:

Another stretching your dollars food story Here are the tips, such as they are:
1. Buy in season produce
2. Buy local produce
3. Shop for deals
4. Choose frozen over canned
5. Use staples as a base

Healthy snacks improve kids' diet
Pivonka quoted

10 food choices to keep you slim, strong and solvent
You are curious, I know. Here are all produce related choices:

1. Potatoes
4. Frozen veggies
5. Cabbage
8. Bananas
9. Sweet potatoes

Immigration slows as downturn bites
Here is the 35 page report from The Migration Policy Institute

Fresh and Easy expansion to create 200 jobs

Foreclosures up 81% nationwide in 2008
Foreclosure filings were reported on more than 303,000 U.S. properties in December 2008, up 17 percent from the previous month and nearly 41 percent from December 2007.

World cocoa foundation sets sustainability standard The three p's of plant, profit and people - not necessarily in that order?

Leading nutrition expert comes to N.C. research campus
Dr. Sangita Sharma comes to the campus David Murdock built

Citrus pest threatens California crops preparing for the dread pest

Keystone Alliance defines sustainability A competitor to the Stewardship Index?
Find the link here. NPC, American Farm Bureau among participants.

Cash for clunkers
Congress considering vouchers of $4,500 to prime the car selling pump

House Democrats propose stimulus bill
$825 billion bill expected to be ready for passage by mid-February\

Ten tax hike threats in the new Congress
Human Events feature; hold on to your wallets

Redlands strives to keep citrus heritage But with declining capacity, is citrus still profitable?

Minnesota settles lawsuit with Wal-Mart state receives $14 million out of $54 million settlement

Women accused of running prostitution ring from USDA office Definitely over the line, I'd say

Lee Scott of Wal-Mart says consumers, small businesses are pinched Scott says:
“If you’re out walking stores, it’s clearly a deep recession. I have no idea how long it’s going to last.”

Wal-Mart promotes energy efficiency in Central America

Grocer to flag healthful foods
Supervalu's good for you initiative. From the story:
Set for roll out at 1,300 stores in the next six months, the program will place tags of various colors next to the bar code and product price, communicating that a product meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration criteria with nutrient content. For example, foods that are excellent or good sources of fiber are given orange tags, while products with low saturated fat will carry a red tag. It is possible for one product to meet multiple criteria and have more than one colored stripe.

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