Thursday, February 5, 2009

I love my healthy active adulthood and other headlines

Here is a link to a page with an hyperlink of the interview I had with Bill Marler Jan. 23. You'll already find the story from the interview online at The Packer site...

It sounds as if President Obama isn't exactly inspiring Wall Street confidence with new limits on executive pay for firms receiving bailout money.
Other headlines this early morning:

How organic is organic food? From The Appetizer in Canada:

Since it's left entirely up to the farmers to declare what's in their products, this lack of supervision makes Popoff skeptical of the entire industry.

"Everyone who is certified organic, pays the money and jumps through all of the hoops are going to say 'those jokers over there who are just organic, how do you know they're really organic?' My question is, how do you know anyone is organic? Even if they are doing the damn paperwork and paying the fee, there's no way of knowing," explained Popoff.

Right now, organic food is being held at the same level as conventional food, according to Popoff.

"It has to be a more stringent test. If organic is grown without chemicals, you can assume it's 5 per cent, if not less, than the amount you expect to find in conventional food. You need a threshold," he said.

China already in recession? Seeking Alpha: How it happened:
China and the other mercantilist countries (those countries that were maximizing exports and minimizing imports) were relying upon the United States to buy ever more of their products. But since the mercantilists weren't buying more and more American products, American consumers weren't earning more and more income. For a while, American consumers borrowed on their homes to buy imports. But when their home prices plummeted, they couldn't keep borrowing. This caused demand for the mercantilist countries' products to plummet.

Border opens to Alberta seed potatoes Capital Press

Florida braces for chilly night

Chile takes steps to revive salmon industry

Shocking number don't know obesity causes cancer From Vital Signs

"Thirty to 40 per cent of cancers could be preventable if people led healthier lives, tackling overweight and obesity," Slavin added.

A global prevention campaign aimed primarily at youngsters has now been launched to deal with the growing crisis.

Called "I Love My Healthy Active Childhood," it aims to encourage children to have an energy-balanced lifestyle, based on a healthy diet and physical activity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) an estimated 22 million children under five are overweight today, and the problem is growing.

Des Moines Register: USDA suspends 19 from vet lab in Ames for illegal drug purchases

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