Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Start-up Company Introduces Rainwater Harvesting Downspout

GRANITE QUARRY, N.C., April 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ATTENTION: Rain Harvesters now have an alternative to rain barrels! MagniStruct, LLC today is announcing the Kickstarter release of Tankspout, the World's First Rain Harvesting Downspout that combines features of a rain barrel, downspout, and splash block into one attractive minimalist unit.
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Previously, consumers had little choice when it came to purchasing attractive rain harvesting devices and/or systems. This presented a product gap such that those that did not mind having something unattractive attached to their home engaged in rainwater harvesting, while those that did mind having something unattractive attached to their home would not engage in rainwater harvesting. We have responded by redesigning the downspout to make rain harvesting a much more attractive practice.
Typically when individuals harvest rain in a barrel, that barrel is raised up off the ground to provide enough adequate pressure with gravity. This usually means more unsightly equipment is present. Tankspout eliminates this. 17+ gallons of water is stored in a 7+ feet tall rectangular water column that allows water to flow out at about 3 psi when full. There is no diverter equipment because Tankspout connects directly to the conventional downspout with an included adapter.
The internal overflow/integrated downspout in Tankspout allows for overflow without additional tubes or other contraptions unlike with some traditional rain barrels. Because Tankspout is built to last, we incorporated an industrial strength boiler drain valve as the "faucet", if you will.
Tankspout's debris filter is especially inventive as it incorporates surgical-grade mesh to keep out debris, including pine needles and shingle grit. Add the metal handle that extends down the unit far enough for anyone to reach, and the fact that this debris filter keeps out mosquitoes and you have something that your local Home Owners' Association will love.
Tankspout was created to offer an alternative to conventional downspouts and rain barrels. It has features of both already integrated making it the most feature-packed, and most attractive rain harvesting unit in the world.
Economical Advantage
Our entire infrastructure in the U.S. is currently aging, including our water delivery systems. Tankspout could help ease pressure currently placed upon these aging delivery and sewer systems, thereby saving municipalities money. When Tankspout is utilized it uses no centralized water supply and no electricity, thereby reducing the cost homeowners pay for their water.
When Tankspout is utilized for watering the garden, crops get natural rainwater and not chemical laden tap water. This is better for plants and crops and could lead to better tasting and healthier crops/plants, thereby reducing plant maintenance and care. This also saves the user money. Ultimately, if people use Tankspout to water their food instead of chemical laden tap water, they may lead healthier lives thereby improving their economic situation long-term.
Pricing and Availability
Tankspout is now available at ( by backing the project. The different pledge amounts are listed there as well as videos, pictures, and other information regarding its design and function. After delivery of the Kickstarter units, we are planning on greatly expanding Tankspout's availability to home improvement stores and websites.

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