Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guest bloggers and Jan. 6 headlines

It was great to see another Jay Martini post today. If you are a newcomer to the blog, Jay started contributing last year in the midst of the tomato-linked salmonella outbreak and dazzled with straight from the gut reality rants and thoughtful wordsmithing. By the way, the door is open to others out there who would like to be "guest bloggers." Notoriety awaits...

Some headlines snatched from the Web

Organic demand leveling off

A survey by TABS (The Analytical Business Solution) finds demand for organic products has leveled-off. The market research group found less than 40% of adults say they have purchased anything from the major organic categories in the last six months. TABS says of the 1,000 respondents age 18 and above, “Organic fresh fruit had the highest purchase incidence, at 27%, with organic fresh vegetables a close second, at 26%. Organic eggs and milk were bought by 18% and 17% of American adults, respectively. Frozen organic products such vegetables, fruit, and ice cream had low purchase levels, however, at 5 to 6%.

In contrast, nonorganic products for all of the categories included in the study had household penetration levels of well over 70 percent.

Simple ways to eat healthier in 2009 5 fruits and vegetables a day is #2 on the list

Time for supermarkets to stress nutrition
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It's easy for shoppers to see the benefits when they save money at their local supermarket. It's not as easy for many consumers to see the health benefits of eating well, but now is a good time for supermarkets - perhaps with a helping hand from an activist government — to connect the dots.

Crisis saps hunger for U.S. beef

Vilsack confirmation hearing next week
Harkin says Jan. 14

Payday tips to save grocery money
using food co-ops to save money

Honeybee disorder still stumps researchers

Honeybees add $15 billion each year to U.S. agricultural output, the newspaper said

This is going to hurt Credible game plan needed by Obama, gloomy economists say

Shoppers urged to "Buy British" Voluntary COOL in the UK

Canadians more prudent than U.S. counterparts

Economic crisis confronts Congress

E-verify causes concern in Arizona

More Americans with multiple chronic diseases

Car sales worst in 49 years for GM Domestic automakers together account for fewer than 50% of U.S. car market for the first time

Homeland security reality show ready to air

Housing push for Hispanics spawns wave of foreclosures Rep. Joe Baca and his district spotlighted

24 of 25 cities see foreclosures rise, property values decline Gloom, despair and agony on me...

Foreclosures rise dramatically in Bakersfield

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