Saturday, January 17, 2009

Raising an objection

I received an email about the USDA's previously announced decision to move funds from the Specialty Crop Block Grant program to enforce country of origin labeling. Here is the text of the letter, with reference to location removed:

Hi - I'm a small scale organic veg transplants grower. What's the most effective way to voice opposition to the transfer of these funds? Do you have an online petition going, or a model letter available? Sec. Schafer will be gone soon, would it be best to write to the co-chairs of Ag committee in the Senate, who are now doing the Vilsack hearings, or what? Your suggestions welcome.

TK: Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance, United, PMA, Western Growers, FFVA. Does anyone have an online petition working on this issue? (I"m looking for responses, by the way). Otherwise, Fresh Talk could start an online petition as well to object to USDA's move.

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