Friday, January 16, 2009

The deflated CPI and other headlines for Jan. 16

The latest Consumer Price Index confirms the economy is looking a little deflated.

Here is the link to today's Consumer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which showed an overall decline in prices in December. The report showed that, on a seasonally adjusted basis, the CPI decreased 0.7% in December, which was the third consecutive decline. The index is only 0.1% higher than December2007.

The BLS reported the fruits and vegetable index declined 2.4% in December, the fourth consecutive decrease, with fresh vegetables down 4.4%.

In good news, the transportation index fell 4.4% in December, the fifth consecutive monthly decrease. The index is down 13.% over the past year.

Average price data show that the average price of red delicious apples slipped to $1.18 per pound, down from $1.26 in November but up from $1.12 at the same time last year.

The average price for navel oranges was 93 cents per pound, off from $1.06 in November but up slightly from 91 cents per pound in December 2007.

The average retail price for bananas was reported at 63 cents per pound, down from 64 cents per pound in November but up from 53 cents per pound the same time last year.

Tomatoes registered average retail prices of $1.73 per pound in December, up a penny from November but down from $2.15 per pound in December 2007.

Here are other headlines snatched from the Web this snowy morning in KC:

Sow the seeds program offering grants
grants to help farmer education in extending fruit and vegetable season in Wisc., Minn., and Iowa.

Retailers must adapt, Wal-Mart official says
Some suppliers may go bankrupt, says W-M exec. Also notes rise in use of multiples (two for one, etc) and coupon use

Eating low fat doesn't have to be high cost Very positive article about fruit and veg affordability, with one nutritionist saying fresh produce provides great "bang for buck." Top low fat foods that are kind on the budget include: eggs, apples and other fruit, canned vegetables and beans.

North America's demand for fruits, vegetables expected to grow
News release about Rabobank report; no link provided to actual report, tho.

Community growth through food
Report about CSAs in northwest Ohio

Disagreements likely to flare up again over COOL
Will Congress close loopholes?

Pestered over pesticide use
A sharp British retort to EU regulation:

People have been consuming conventionally-grown fruit and vegetables for many decades, yet when is the last time someone dropped dead from pesticide poisoning? (Unless it was a desperate farmer driven to suicide by ceaseless meddling from EU bureaucrats).

Trucking restrictioins eased in Florida because of cold snap

Sales of organic mushrooms remain strong From The Packer

Weak pound to hike banana prices in England

U.S. food makers ask Obama to increase FDA funding

GMA asks for $900 million in food related spending at the FDA by fiscal year 2012, up from $510 million in fiscal year 2008, also request authority to put in place mandatory recall and standards for f/v producers.

Vilsack not the right choice for ag secretary From the Progressive...

Obama could have picked someone who was knowledgeable about organic farming and local and regional food systems. Someone who knew the difference between growing food and growing commodity crops.Someone who felt more at ease mending a fence or thinning carrots than sitting in a corporate boardroom.

TK: Right!

Napolitano outlines immigration policy she expects demand side and supply side responses

Mexico's same store sales fall 1.7% in 2008

Roubini: Bank bailout $1 trillion short

Major drug bust in Fresno

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