Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WIC vouchers begin in New York

Fruit and vegetable vouchers ... here at long last. Here is coverage of one of the first state transitioning to the new WIC food packages, including vouchers for fruits and vegetables. Here is coverage of the issue on the Web:

NY offers healthier food in women, child program
From AP:

New York is among the first states offering healthier food choices to low-income mothers and their young children in a national effort to improve nutrition and discourage obesity.

All states will be required to meet new Women, Infants and Children food program requirements by October 2010. And other states are preparing for the changes too, with Delaware making the switch Jan. 1, and Kentucky working through the approval process to do the same.

State health officials say whole grains, fruit, vegetables, tofu and brown rice will now be encouraged under the program that's traditionally provided less healthy options like white bread and whole milk.


"Over the past three years, the Health Department has conducted programs that showed that WIC mothers will buy fruits and vegetables when they are available," Gov. David Paterson said in a written statement. "Almost one-third of our children are overweight or obese, with higher rates among black and Hispanic children. WIC has a long history of success, and is a great place for nutrition education to start."

Now foods like whole grain cereals and breads, canned or dried beans and jarred baby foods will be available. WIC will also offer cash-value checks for vegetables and fruits.

WIC fresh produce in the works From the Fresno Bee

Central San Joaquin Valley fruit and vegetable farmers, how would you like to get a piece of $80 million or more?

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