Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The one minute writer

One of the blogs I loosely follow (besides this one!) is called one minute writer. The concept is that we, as writers, don't need to block out hours to work ourselves into a creative frenzy. Rather, we should try the improv of writing (you have 1,440 minutes every day: use one of them for writing). Each day comes with a suggested topic and today's is time. (What do you need to make more time for?) The blog actually features a 60-second timer so would-be writers can honestly comply with the spirit of the blog. Here is my humble answer to the writing prompt:

I need to make more time for: calling my kids, writing thank you notes and correspondence, taking shopping trips with my wife, stopping the erosion of my fast fading basketball skills, reading the Good Book, figuring out our finances and unlocking the secret to six pack abs. Oh, yes, and more time to eat produce.

A decidedly more creative writer said this:

- Remove 1 hour of arguments and substitute with 30 minutes of understanding.
- Skip 3 hours of television and substitute 1 hour with a good book.
- Delete 2 hours of internet browsing and substiture with 30 minutes of family time.
- Remove 3 hours of complaints and substitute with 2 hours of dedicated work.
- Remove 15 minutes of shame and replace with 1 minute of thoughtfulness.

Place all unused time in a large bowl and share with your loved ones. Make sure to save some of the quieter minutes for yourself in a secret spot.


What do you need to make more time for, other than check this blog morning noon and night? Think about it and spend 60 seconds writing about it, if you can spare the minute.

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Ovaltine said...

Hey Tom!

I'd take a minute to stop two things---ruminating about 'what might have been' and also worrying about the future.

Certainly, planning is a big part of moving forward. But the big 'what-if' should be struck from our lingo.