Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Indian ceremony opens Koppert’s joint research venture in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India’s pharmaceutical hub, recently became the location for Koppert’s latest research facility. KoSSIL (Koppert Sustainable Solutions India Limited) is a joint venture between Koppert Biological Systems India and the local Devanur family, promotor of SOM Phytopharma Limited (India) and Agri Life. 

The joint venture will be developing innovative biological solutions for sustainable agriculture and horticulture with local R&D experts. The new research facility will manufacture natural products such as microbials for pest and disease management and biostimulants for both local and international markets.

Koppert’s Managing Director Henri Oosthoek: ‘I am looking forward to the development of more products of international standards and biological solutions to face the future challenges in agriculture and horticulture’. The opening ceremony in August took the form of a traditional ‘Pooja’ ritual. Henri Oosthoek lit the ceremonial lamp and officially opened the Hyderabad premises. He presented a gift, a symbolic image of two birds depicting both companies, to Dr Devanur to reflect the shared goals for business development and success. 

SOM Phytopharma’s CEO, Dr Venkatesh Devanur, who has 35 years of experience in the crop protection industry: ‘India and South Asia are home for over 1.5 billion people and over 300 million upwardly mobile middle class consumers now aspire to have residue free food. Farmers want to restore soil health, so sustainable agricultural practices are being considered very favourably in this part of the world. Partnering with Koppert is partnering with nature!’ He said the potential for agribusiness in India as well as the Asia Pacific region is huge and that there is a need to cater for these markets through the innovative research potential of the KoSSIL joint venture. 

The facility is situated at IDA Bollaram, just outside the sprawling metropolis of Hyderabad, considered the meeting point of North and South India. With the influx of young men and women from various parts the country, Hyderabad has become the centre for numerous universities and research institutes, particularly in the fields of biomedical sciences, agricultural biotechnology and pharmaceuticals on this subcontinent. 
Director of Koppert India, Udayanarayana Bhat and General Manager of KoSSiL, Gargi Iyengar will be supported by Koppert’s BU Microbials, Newbiz and Tech Manager, Harald Mikkelsen, in the Netherlands, and locally by Dr Venkatesh Devanur.