Thursday, September 29, 2016

Overland Park Convention Center one of the first to offer fully interactive, computer-simulated convention center experience with virtual reality goggles.

Overland Park, Kan. (Sept. 29, 2016)—Overland Park Convention Center (OPCC) customers can now experience fully immersive, visual and sound environment of beautifully decorated event rooms, delivered through a special headset device utilizing the latest Samsung Galaxy 7 phone and Beats headphones to produce a stunning audio visual experience.

“This investment is one of the first immersive sales tools in the convention center industry, using the latest in dynamic VR software and the creative productions of one of Hollywood’s most respected visual entertainment producers, V Squared Labs,” Brett C. Mitchell, General Manager of OPCC, said. “The sound track deepens and expands the illusion of actually being in the decorated rooms. The experience of the high-definition images is dynamic in that one moves through the facility simply by looking in a specific direction.”

With a major investment recently completed in upgrading to one of the world’s fastest, free Wi-Fi systems for convention centers, this is one of the newest technologies just released by OPCC to enhance event sales. This innovative system is delivered through its technology partnership with Neil Reid and Associates, and visual entertainment producers, V Squared Labs.

To generate this experience, V Squared Labs spent three days on-site with an HD, 3D camera digitally filming fully decorated event areas at OPCC. The 3D images were then “stitched” together so while wearing the headset, customers can virtually move through the decorated spaces by moving their head or body and can enjoy every cubic foot of the event space in any direction. The digital headset layers with a custom digital soundtrack which deepens and expands the immersive experience.

To further expand availability of this experience, OPCC customers can also virtually see and hear the decorated facility from any tablet, phone or laptop computer through a browser interface. OPCC believes this investment is one of the first immersive sales tools in the convention center industry, using the latest in dynamic VR software.

“The effect is so compelling and immersive that the experience can be enjoyed while sitting in a chair—the illusion of being in the room is powerful enough that one forgets where they are actually located,” Neil Reid of Neil Reid and Associates, said. “OPCC is one of the finest convention centers in the world, and the latest technology investment by their team demonstrates clear leadership in harnessing one of the most powerful internet experiences available.”

OPCC has released this technology to their sales department. To experience this immersive technology and learn more about what OPCC can offer, please call (913) 339-3000. For a sneak peek of this technology, visit

National Restaurant Association Applauds Senate Introduction of Legislation to Delay and Update DOL Overtime Rule

(Washington, D.C.) Today the National Restaurant Association issued a statement of support for the Senate Introduction of the Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools and Nonprofits Act and the Overtime Reform and Review Act. These bills would offer a six month delay of the December 1 implementation deadline and make much-needed modifications to the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulation.

“As the December 1 deadline nears, we thank Chairman Alexander and Senators Lankford, Scott, Flake and Collins for their leadership in introducing this critical legislation. Delaying the implementation date, allowing for a more gradual phase-in period, eliminating automatic indexing and carefully studying the impact this rule will have is crucial for small businesses navigating yet another burdensome regulation.”

Currently, the Department of Labor’s overtime rule more than doubles the salary threshold for non-exempt employees with automatic increases every three years.  The Overtime Reform and Review Act would phase-in the threshold increase over a 5 year period with a “pause year” after the first year to provide an opportunity for agencies to assess the impact and allow exemption for certain entities from further increases based on the assessment, and prohibit automatic indexing.  The Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools and Nonprofits Act would provide a six month delay in implementation.

The Department of Labor’s updated federal overtime regulation takes effect Dec. 1, 2016. The National Restaurant Association has been working closely with members of Congress to find solutions for our membership as they navigate this rule. With the passage of H.R. 6094 in the House and the introduction of legislation in the Senate, the Association is asking the Senate and the Administration to listen to the concerns of small businesses and act quickly.